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Atlantic Fleet Training & Testing Monitoring Projects


The table below summarizes marine species monitoring projets being conducted in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico in support of Atlantic Fleet Training and Testing (AFTT) Marine Mammal Protection Act requirements (50 CFR Part 218).  Reports and data from these projects will be made available on the individual project profile pages and the Reading Room as they become available.

Project titles link directly to individual project profile pages with additional details and access to data and reports.

*Intermediate Scientific Objectives are established in coordination with NMFS through the Strategic Planning Process to help prioritize monitoring investments

Project Description Intermediate Scientific Objective* Status
Title: Bottlenose Dolphin Occurrence in Estuarine and Coastal Waters near Panama City, Florida

Location: St. Andrew Bay and nearshore waters of Panama City, Florida

Objectives: Determine species occurrence, and distribution, habitat use, and abundance of Tursiops in St. Andrew Bay and coastal waters adjacent to the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City Division.

Methods: Small vessel visual surveys, photo identification, biopsy sampling

Performing Organizations: NOAA Hollings Marine Laboratory

Timeline: 2015-2016

Funding: FY15 - $112K, FY16 - $210k

Determine what species and populations of marine mammals and sea turtles are present in Navy range complexes

Establish the baseline habitat uses and movement patterns of marine mammals where Navy training and testing activities occur

Estimate the density of marine mammals and sea turtles in Navy range complexes and in specific training areas

First field season - July 2015

2015 technical progress report available
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