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Pacific Reports

2015 Combined Pacific Annual Report: HSTT, MITT, NWTT, GOA TMAA


2015 HSTT Annual Exercise Report (Unclassified) - 3.3 MB

2015 Combined Pacific Annual Monitoring Report (HSTT, MITT, NWTT, GOA TMAA)12.2 MB

Supporting Technical Reports


Hawaii-SOCAL Training and Testing (HSTT) 2014 Annual Report

2014 HSTT Annual Exercise Report (Unclassified) - 500 KB

2014 HSTT Annual Monitoring Report - 4 MB

Supporting Technical Reports

Hawaii Range Complex (HRC), 2009-2013
Mariana Islands Range Complex (MIRC) 2011-2015
Southern California Range Complex (SOCAL), 2009-2013
Gulf Of Alaska Temporary Maritime Activities Area (GOA TMAA) 2011-2015
Annual Exercise Reports
Technical Reports
  • 2006 Rim of the Pacific After Action Report - 793 KB
    Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Mitigation and Monitoring Measures as Required Under the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) Incidental Harassment Authorization and National Defense Exemption from the Requirements of the MMPA for Mid-Frequency Active Sonar Mitigation Measures. 7 December 2006.